We specialize in short-load concrete

We specialize in delivering short-loads of quality ready-mixed concrete. Our specialized mixer trucks can haul up to 5 yards at a time. Our smaller fleet of trucks are versatile and convenient for contractors, municipalities, and homeowners. We are proud to serve the Greater Waco area.

Short-load concrete eliminates the need for overestimating the amount of concrete required for a project, thereby reducing waste and saving money. Additionally, short-load fees are often lower than the cost of a full truckload.

With the ability to deliver smaller amounts of concrete, short-load trucks can access tight spaces and accommodate the logistical constraints of smaller projects.

Short-load concrete services are ideal for projects that require multiple types of concrete mixes or need concrete in multiple phases. The smaller trucks can be easily scheduled and dispatched to deliver concrete as needed.

Less waste is generated when using short-load concrete, as the exact amount needed is ordered and mixed. This reduces the environmental impact of excess concrete disposal.

Home Improvement Projects

Short-load concrete is an excellent choice for residential projects such as patios, sidewalks, driveways, and small foundations. Homeowners can order the precise amount of concrete needed and avoid overestimating or underestimating their requirements.

Commercial Applications

Small-scale commercial projects, such as parking lot repairs, walkways, and curbs, can benefit from short-load concrete. It provides the necessary materials without the added expense and waste of a full truckload.


Short-load concrete is ideal for creating garden pathways, retaining walls, and other landscape features that require a durable and long-lasting material.

Remote Locations

In some cases, transporting a full truckload of concrete to a remote location is not feasible. Short-load concrete provides a solution for these hard-to-reach projects, ensuring that construction can proceed smoothly.

Emergency Repairs

In cases of emergency repairs, short-load concrete offers a quick and efficient solution to address structural issues that require immediate attention.

Specialty Projects

For projects with unique requirements, such as colored or decorative concrete, short-load services can cater to these needs, providing customized concrete mixes in small quantities.

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